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    We're your camping, hiking and outdoor enthusiasts who give back to our National Parks.

    Here's our story:

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    KADZAIT is an Inuit word with a meaning that resonates to our core: "Wandering Wolves"


    Kadzait Outfitters was started by Jon and May in 2016 with a simple goal: Create something that feels more like a family than just a brand, that will inspire others to get outdoors and give back to the land that give us so many incredible experiences. 

    We both were working full time jobs but constantly looking for adventure. Living in Florida is nice- it's a beautiful state but not ideal for scenic trails, mountain landscapes, or even seasons. The obsession to become "Weekend Warriors" who were always driving or flying with a full load-out of camping gear was a strain. We wanted to make this life our job instead, and with zero experience in running a business, we started Kadzait Outfitters. We're experienced backcountry campers, avid enthusiasts of our National Parks, and now business owners. Our adventures have taken us through almost every national park, and thousands of miles driven across the country in every direction. We've been through the most desolate areas of the country and we've seen the most populated areas of the parks as well. We love it all, we love what we do, and we love who we work for- YOU!

    You are the voice that this country's National Park System so desperately needs. This is OUR land and it's our job to protect it, and leave it to future generations better than we found it. As we grow our Kadzait Family and our brand, we will be donating time, energy, and money to our National Park Foundation and Animal Conservation.


    We hope that you will join our family of Wandering Wolves and inspire others to experience all that they can of this incredible place we call Earth!

    May & Jon
    Your friends at Kadzait Outfitters